(Un)spoken words

Color: violet, mint
Theme: quality and quantity of words

The faculty of speech: a gift or a curse of homo sapiens? The word can kill, or it can just go unnoticed. Chatter is coughing up from an insatiable mouth and clings to the irritated ear of the listener like mucus. On the other hand lucid speech is pleasing to the ear and it allows you to make articulate sounds. The loudness of the spoken words is often inversely proportional to the amount of meaning in them.
The ability to ignore helps, but not for long, because a social beeing is obliged to follow the rules of a noisy society in order to feel the pulse of the modern world. But you can try to calibrate the distance between you and different people. People who speak.


No courage to say
The right words
To the right person
Dumbness affected
Muscles of face
Buried under palaver
Over and over
People belch out
Empty words

Sentient creatures use speech
That stick like a vile leech
Dumb animals seem wiser
Degrade. More words of low grade
With pleasure I fade
There is no reason to stay


Better to do
Than to say
Time to get
Under way
Silence is waiting for me
Mentally quiet and free
Forced to dwell
In the town
In droning crowd
I drown
Incredibly hard to be
Mentally quiet and free


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