Color: dark blue, grey
Theme: time and missed opportunities

During your childhood you wanted to become an adult as fast as possible and to fulfil your dream. However, you became an adult but your goals have not been achieved yet. Time is lost and wasted continuously. What is the most valuable thing in life? Life itself. What does it consist of? Time. Time treacherously flows away through a hole in the goblet of life… Human bodies are choking in a narrow hourglass… The weight of the unrealized plans presses on the sick mind. But it is not too late to throw off the massive shackles of time and take a step forward. Sure, time can’t be returned, but maybe you should forget about your age. Thus, maybe there is still a chance to attain something in your life?


The past is gone
Before I could bat an eye
the train is moving so fast
the last destination isn’t far
There is no time
To start over again
No time to beat the pain
We’re nothing but stains
Nothing remains

The pendulum swings
I cant escape
Can you stop it?
Give me a break

The priceless time is burned
By workaday life
Where are those inner forces
That always moved me forward?
There is no time
to become an astronaut
no time to overcome a doubt
I am tired, i want to shout
I want to shout

It’s around me
I’m a captive
It’s too heavy
It feels massive

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April 4, 2020 23:27

This song is awesome.