The Great Mixing

Color: multicolor
Theme: mixing of living things

The colours are beautiful. There are several of them. But their combinations are even more beautiful. There are millions of them. You can limit yourself to black and white and watch your lifetime a black and white movie. But it’s better to add more colours and see the world in all its magnificence. And even better, mix the colours in your own discretion and get a complete unique result. As a result of mixing two people there is a completely new man and from the mixing of two colours there is a new tint. At the same time, the net species are doomed to extinction. Mixing is necessary for a progress, because the movement forwards stops soon without the influence of fresh blood. The great mixing is the initiator of life and the way to make it interesting.


People mix
Day and night
Black and white

Mix yourself
With the best
Live with zest

So many different colors
And less harmony
We will create
a new absolutely
unique shade
The new is borning
from old
You have to be bold
To mix immiscible