In Rain

Color: light blue
Theme: Rain

The dusty passage of time is broken by a piercing peal of thunder. The tension in the air is growing and the gloomy clouds are finally giving birth to a transparent substance. Driven by the elements, living creatures hide in their holes, feeling the wet touch of nature. Vegetation greedily drinks the hydrogen-oxygen cocktail and replenishes the most valuable survival resource. The outer dirt begins to dissolve in the streams of heavenly water, while the inner dirt remains untouched. Mirror puddles reflect despondent faces, melancholy looking into nowhere. The rustling of the rain drowns out the rustling of thoughts, but it seems that the wall of water is becoming thinner…
A moment will come when the fallen moisture will rush upward, only to fall down again. The great circulation of water in nature,
A new cycle begins…


Tired yellow grass
Hot days in the past
Nature pines away
Look at lowering sky
It’s a miracle from high
Time stand still
Our dream becomes real

It rains at last
In rain we trust
This dirt will be gone
We’ll stay alone
Escaping from dust
In rain we trust


Wistful but not sad
My soul is getting wet
Water in my veins
Released living space
Fear is saving grace
Arriving to the home
The end of roam

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