We have a Message

We don’t open our mouth without a good reason. However, if we’ve opened it, then only to tell to you about something we're really worrying about. In our songs you will not find a word about "babies", parties, dismemberment and other trite themes of rock songs. The lyrics of Mixte deal with global themes of a thinking man and are sang mainly in English by a voice with the East European accent.

Unique artwork

The graphics of Mixte go side by side with the music, forming an unique symbiosis, complementing each other. The graphic style is developed specifically for the content of the Mixte songs. All graphics is drawn with love by hand. The mysterious creatures that you see are called Mixteriums.


If the music then various. There is nothing more boring than listening to a band that has similar songs. Mixte's goal is to create interesting songs that delight the listener with a variety of their colors.​ The style of music can roughly be described as alternative rock / metal. However, Mixte plays music, not style. The most important things are musical variety and the balance between melodies and expressiveness.


Often music suffers from the fact that during its creation it is necessary to make various compromises due to the different musical preferences of its members. The Mixte music creation model excludes the influence of such factors on the final result. The music of Mixte is also independent of the influence of the mainstream music, producers and labels.

Free distribution

All songs of Mixte are available for free to listen. However, if you are interested in the earliest possible release of new songs, you can also provide financial support to the project through buying our songs at digital music stores.

Song-oriented music release

Mixte has a song-oriented model of music release. This is how it works: at first a song will be composed and recorded, then the graphics and the video for this song will be created, a short announcement video will be released and at last the song itself will be released. This model allows to release new songs regularly many times in the year, unlike the classic album-oriented release model with one album in 3-4 years. However, the albums of Mixte will be released too, but in another form with interesting features such as handwritten lyrics and more.

Guarantee of quality

We guarantee the consistently high quality of our songs. This is achieved through careful selection of music at all stages of the composing, only the best works by the authors of Mixte's music will be released.

Audible bass-guitar

Bass is a wonderful musical instrument. Unlike many rock and metal bands, the bass by Mixte songs is audible and has equal rights with the guitar. Often you will hear a bass guitar solo and soulful melodies.