Breath of the Mountains

Color: sky blue, lilac
Theme: beauty of clouds and mountains

Majestic equanimity supporting the heavens… A soaring veil draping the slopes of vast mountains… Trees perched on the shoulders of these giants… River veins pumping translucent blood, nourishing all living beings in their path… Mountains and clouds are two parts of nature that do not directly influence each other, but work together so harmoniously. Let’s imagine for a moment that the mountains breathe and lobes of warm air are blown from their stone lungs and dissolved in the chill of the highlands. The lifeless breath of a living planet. An unreal natural phenomenon as one more reason to admire its true beauty… A whitish veil covered the sky and thoughtful clouds filled the environment. But the wall of clouds is fragile like any other wall, and the piercing rays of the sun can no longer be stopped…

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