Color: green
Theme: the harmful influence of society on the individual

Anthropogenic poison is an honest enemy who plays by the rules. Human poison does not play by the rules, and in terms of its destructive effect, it can sometimes be more destructive than any biological weapon. People intoxicate each other unintentionally and passionately, indirectly and straightforwardly, experiencing pain and getting pleasure from it. The psychological deformities of the crowd are transmitting with amazing speed and penetrate into the deepest depths of the individual’s consciousness. Society spits out a product of processing and carriers are ready to act alone. The personality is transformed, moving farther and farther away from the point of original uniqueness. On the other hand, maybe this is just another form of natural selection?


Afraid for GMO
For exhaust, radiation
But the danger is much closer
High risk of change –
Keep strict enclosure

Socially infected
Mentally disabled
DNA assumes an odd shape
Carriers are everywhere
No escape

Irreversible changes come
Good man before
Now poor scum
Hidden enemy
Mental bane
Psychological mutagen

A reason of abandoned life
Human poison in the mind
The heritage – hard complexes
Genome is fixed, have fun in next years

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