Mixtory: Talk about rain

Sleepy nature is in a state of half-asleep: the soft soothing sounds of supplying water do their job. Suddenly the sound idyll is interrupted by the voices of human beings. It would seem that the harmony was broken due to the introduction of an undesirable element, but not in this case, because the talk was about rain.

Mixtory: Low frequency song of Rain

A creature of flesh and blood with a water-fearing wooden-metal structure in its hands hides in the foliage. It can be understood: it is not pleasant to be spat upon by an unruly element. The rustling of falling drops is slowly covered with a veil of low-frequency sounds – the melancholic song of rain flows into the humid air space…

Mixtory: Laughter behind the rain

The drops, like arrows, pierce the cool air and attack everything in their path. But smiling people don’t care about this, because they have a roof over their heads and are not afraid of any precipitation. Emotions can change instantly, you just need to take a step to the side. However, this is not at all necessary, because it is much more pleasant to love the rain while being at a distance from it.

New drummer

Let us introduce our new drummer – Jens Milo! His versatile playing skills will definitely enhance the rhythmic component of Mixte. Luc is forced to suspend his musical activities for health reasons, but he remains our good friend and part of Mixte.. We are actively rehearsing and preparing new songs, stay in touch!