Mixtory: Mutagen #4

Pure madness. The mutagen launched transformational processes and led to irreversible consequences in the psyche and behavior. Eyes are hermetically closed, the wood-metal monster has grown into human flesh. Improvisation gives way to degradation, fingers get tangled in the strings, and blood-poisoning sounds are born in the basement.

Mixtory: Mutagen #3

A huge flask with psychological chemicals inside burst and the acid mass of human influence rushed out and poured everything around. A humanoid creature emits the cries of despair, trying to get out of the fetid environment and preserve the inner core of individualism. The chances are small, but the resistance has already begun to … Read more

Mixtory: Mutagen #2

The strings are taut like nerves. Six strings as six senses. Raised fingers frantically pull the strings down and the face contorts into a grimace full of pain. The thickest nerve, which is responsible for vision, suffers the most, and takes the first blow in the battle for the mutating mentality.

Mixtory: Mutagen #1

The green man is torturing the drums. But the aggressive rhythms abruptly break off and are replaced by an creepy knock. Who so persistently knocks on the cranium in the hope of reaching the very depths of the brain in order to infect it psychologically?..